Donor Coordination Matrix

Several Cooperating Partners have continued to partner with the Government of Zambia to promote rural electrification in Zambia. The following are some of the programmes that are being supported by various Coop[orating Partners in Zambia.

 Name of Project or Programme

Name of Cooperting Partner

Name(s) of co- Partner

 Adress /  website


Classification  (Loan, Grant or Mix)

 Time Frame

Key objective(s) 

Coverage  & specific outputs

Electricity Service Access Project (ESAP)World Bank
Pyramid Plaza
Church Road, PO Box 35410
Lusaka, Zambia 10101. 

US$ 26.5 millionLoan2017 - 2022

To increase electricity access in targeted rural areas of Zambia.

Component A - On-grid electricity access expansion:

Component A1 - Electricity Connections for Low-Income Households through OBA-financing;

Component A2 - Extension and Strengthening of Grid Network for New Connections.

Component B - Off Grid Electricity Access Expansion:

Component B1 - Off Grid Electrification Smart Subsidy Program;

Component B2 - Off Grid Loan Facility.

Component C - Development of National Electrification Strategy, Capacity Building and Project Implementation Support.

Nationwide - targeting households and SMEs
SIDAHaile selasie Ave,opposite Ndeke House 10101,Lusaka , P.O.Box 50264 , 260 , Lusaka             
US$7 millionGrant
Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP)Nordic Development Fund (NDF)
EUR 1.5 million (m) for 3 projects to dateGrant2019-2023To provide catalytic grant financing to small innovative programmes and supporting demonstrated ideas to reach commercial viabilityFirms that received grants operate in rural areas in a number of provinces (areas lacking grid access)
Support to the Zambia Energy Sector: Increased Access to Electricity and Renewable Energy production, EU (IAEREP)European Union

4899 Los Angeles Boulevard, Longacres
Lusaka, Zambia 
EUR 23 millionGrant2016-2022Increase access to clean, reliable and affordable energy and promote renewable energy production and energy efficiency throughRural Areas nationwide
Grant funding. For demonstration projects – up to 50% of the total cost.
- NEP and REMP updated
- RE and EE country strategy in place
- Access: >50,000 people and > 500 businesses
- Procedures for project developers streamlined and standardized
ElectriFi - Zambia window, EUEuropean UnionSida
EUR 40mLoan2017-2024To contribute to ensuring universal access to clean, reliable and affordable energy” for all in Zambia. This Action targets the financial and technology constraints hampering the development of the clean and efficient energy market.Nationwide. 
GET FiT ZambiakFW Development Bank
GET FiT Secretariat
ERB Building
Off Alick Nkhata Road
Ground Floor, Room 101
EUR 31mGrant2017-To assist GRZ in the implementation of its REFiT Strategy. The objective is to bring 200 MW of renewable energy onto the grid within the next 5-7 years.TBD
Power Africa-Beyond the Grid Fund for AfricaSIDANordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO)Haile selasie Ave,opposite Ndeke House, 
P.O.Box 50264 , 

EUR 20 million grant from Swedish Government  
EUR100 million from Private sector    
Grant2017  to 2021

1. Incentivise first-movers in risky frontier markets;

2. Builds investor confidence in business models and overcomes early structural risks;

3. De-risks companies and markets for downstream private investment;

4. Reduce dependence on fossil fuels through shift to sustainable and RES;

5. Grow confidence with the banks to extend credits to off-grids business ventures

6. Technology and Knowledge transfer

Rural areas, country wide.   

500,000 connections

3 million peoples to be served.

United States Trade & Development Agency (USTDA): Power AfricaUSTDA

Subdivision 694/Stand 100, Ibex Hill Road
P.O. Box 320373

US$ 1.3 MILGrant2019- OnwardsFeasibility study for a 150MW wind, solar and energy storage hybrid power plant project in northern Zambia.Northern Province, Zambia
InfraCo Africa/ The Western Power ProjectInfraCo Africa/ African Power Projects/ UK AidPIDG/AFDB

InfraCo Africa

9 Riverside, 4th Floor, Riverside Drive, Nairobi P.O. Box 736-00606, Nairobi, Kenya.

Western Power Company Ltd Fig Tree House

17 Warthog Road

US$ 7.4 MILGrant , Techinical assistance2015- Under Development

The Western Power project will develop a 180MW run-of-river hydroelectric power plant at Ngonye Falls on the Zambezi River.

The project will divert water from the river’s left channel into a 3km canal served by a partly-underground plant facility. Initially developed in partnership with Africa Power Projects (APP) by InfraCo Africa, through its principal developer, eleQtra.

The project is now directly managed by APP and InfraCo Africa.

Developing a run-of-river hydro in the region will increase national installed capacity as well as meeting the increasing demand for power, improving the stability of the grid network

Western Province, Sioma District
InfraCo Africa/ GreenCoUK AID /PIDG

The United Church House
Plot No.8,First floor, Northern Wing, Mosi o Tunya Road, 

Woodlands, Lusaka

US$500 000Grant , Techinical assistance2020-

Africa GreenCo (GreenCo) is establishing an intermediary renewable energy buyer and services provider in Zambia.

GreenCo will serve to accelerate the development of new projects by increasing the attractiveness of Zambia’s renewable energy sector to private investors whilst complementing efforts to incorporate affordable, clean energy into the country’s generation mix.

GreenCo will help demonstrate the benefits of the open access regime introduced though recent changes to Zambian electricity sector regulation and also hopes to consolidate Zambia’s position as a major participant in the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP).

Once operational, the company will act as an intermediary offtaker and service provider, purchasing power from renewable IPPs and selling that electricity to utilities, private sector offtakers (i.e. commercial and industrial users) and markets of the SAPP.


Techincal Assistance2016-2021

ACE TAF aims to complement government, private sector and donor initiatives to overcome many of the barriers preventing the development of markets for high quality stand-alone solar systems.

As a result the programme is working to increase access to reliable energy leading to better well-being and livelihood opportunities for poor and vulnerable people in sub Saharan Africa.

Throughout Zambia
Efficiency for Access (EforA)DFID

£210,000Grant2020-2021Efficiency for Access (EforA), supported by UK aid, is investing funding Research and Development (R&D) projects with the aim to accelerate the availability, affordability, efficiency and performance of a range of low energy inclusive appliances that are particularly suited to developing country contexts and promote social inclusion.Throughout Zambia
Zambia Renewable Energy Financing FrameworkAfDBGCF
USD58 Million


Technical Assistance


Aims to support the Government of the Republic of Zambia to catalyze private investment for small-scale renewable energy projects.

Aim at accelerating the achievement of its electricity generation targets and the diversification of its energy mix.

The program aims to finance 100 megawatts of renewable energy independent power producer projects and offer technical assistance to scale-up renewable energy investment in Zambia.

Throughout Zambia
Power Africa: Southern Africa Energy Programme (SAEP)USAID


Technical Assistance

2017- 2022

SAEP works to advance energy policy and regulatory reform and accelerate investment to increase power generation and access to electricity throughout the region.

The lack of reliable power affects the competitiveness of Southern African industry, agriculture, and the economic opportunity and health conditions for rural populations, women, and youth.

By strengthening the enabling environment and facilitating public and private transactions, SAEP leverages the momentum of private investment to help focus SAEP’s resources in ways that best support the reform of national and regional energy ecosystems.

At the same time, SAEP produces the tangible results needed to create a sustainable cycle of additional reforms, increased investment, and continued political will.

Throughout Zambia