Solar Projects

Solar Projects

From inception, the Authority has undertaken a total of 423 stand-alone Solar Home System projects at various public and social institutions to supply electricity to rural communities.

The Authority developed its first 60kWp Solar Mini Grid in 2009 at a place called Mpanta in Samfya district in Luapula province. This facility provides electricity to 480 households, a school, Rural Health Centre and the Harbour. The project cost USD $1.3 million and was completed in June 2013.

Following the success of the Mpanta project, the Authority commenced development of two more solar mini-grids in 2016 in Chunga and Lunga in Central province and Luapula province respectively. The proposed Lunga and Chunga Solar Mini Grid projects will have a capacity of at least 300kWp and 200kWp respectively. These projects will directly benefit public institutions, business entities and private households. It is estimated that 2,170 households will indirectly benefit from these projects.

Further, unde the solar energy programme the Authority also implemented Phase I of the Sustainable Solar Market Packages (SSMP). The SSMP programme involved electrification of public institutions through procuring, installation; commissioning and provision of maintenance services for Solar Home Systems (SHS) by a contractor for a period of five years after the projects where commissioned. The following three (3) districts benefited from the SSMP:

#DistrictProvinceInstallationsCost USD$
 TOTAL 7072.6 Million

SSMP II is currently being implemented in Lundazi, Chama and Mwinilunga (Ikelengi) at a cost of USD$665,100. It is expected that once completed, the project will benefit schools, rural health centres, local courts, chief palaces and staff houses.