Mini Hydro Development

Mini Hydro Power

Mini- Hydro power has high potential in Zambia in North Western, Northern, Luapula and Eastern Provinces. The Authority has undertaken a number of feasibility studies for the development of mini-hydro power stations. Currently the Authority is working on the following Mini Hydro sites stated below with their status:

  1. Kasanjiku Falls – 0.64 MW in Mwinilunga district: In 2016, Rural Electrification Authority (REA) commenced the implementation of its first mini hydro power station in Chief Ntambu’s area in Mwinilunga, North Western Province. The 0.64MW power station is being implemented at a cost of at a cost of $8.7 million. The project is expected to benefit the about 12,000 people in the area once completed in 2018.
  2. Chikata Falls – 3.5 MW in Kabompo district: Feasibility study and engineering design completed.
  3. Zengamina II – 1.74MW in Mwinilunga district: Feasibility study and detailed engineering design completed.
  4. Chilinga Falls in Nyimba: Feasibility study completed but project not viable.
  5. Chanda/Chavuma in Chavuma district: studies have been completed and reports handed over to the Ministry of Energy for possible private developer.